About Rafiki Wema

Who We Are

Rafiki Wema means ‘good friends’ in Swahili. We provide health and wellbeing services through a culturally tailored and focused approach targeting our communitiesRafiki Wema launched a series of Community media programmes and services to increase media literacy and amplification of authentic community voices.

These include:

Our Aims

Our Vision

Rafiki Wema seeks to strengthen racially disadvantaged communities, their voluntary and community organisations in the UK thereby maximising their opportunities to create positive change, access resources, promote health and wellbeing, enhance social justice and harness social benefit

Our Values


Use the “Ubuntu” philosophy by bringing groups and individuals together using their and our own strength and skills to amplify our ability to effect positive change.


We are a team of trainers, experienced, and continually learning digital skills, storytelling, and media specialists drawn from a wide range of backgrounds to design, and deliver community media solutions that deliver tangible results with measurable impact.


Rafiki Wema offers an impact focused approach through proven models of improving wellbeing and resilience for our communities.


Experienced community journalists and conversations team