Digital Storytelling & Media Literacy



Digital storytelling is another way to create and disseminate personal stories, experiences, and ideas. It is a creative way of compiling a personal story in a few minutes of video or audio with illustrations that relate the content of the story. 

There are various and diverse topics and issues usually the storytelling process involves, with the aim to develop the knowledge and understanding of these topics in particular community or society.

Our community journalists also support identifying themes to cover and connect trainees to potential community members whose stories and experience would cover. 

Our digital storytelling targets black African communities in London and supports them with all the digital training, media platforms and other resources they would need to create and share their personal as well as community stories, ideas, and successes.

We offer all it takes to be a professional storyteller. Our community studio is exclusively devised and equipped to be fully used by the wider communities members, individuals and their support organizations not only for the production digital stories, but it also provide training, all ICT capabilities and techniques to those who have no prior experience in the field to begin their journey to telling stories and community journalism at large. 

Our other projects

Community Journalism

We recruit, train, and support individuals to gain journalism and multimedia skills and qualifications to become local Community Journalists thus diversifying voices, views, and representation of our communities.

Digital Inclusion

We recruit, train, and enable Digital Ambassadors to support communities to gain digital skills. We provide resources such as devices, calling and internet credit, ICT suite and other support.

Community Conversations

We organise and facilitate community conversations to facilitate meaningful engagement, deliberations, decision-making by our communities in exploring and responding to issues affecting them.

Training & Courses

We provide community focused face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses in community journalism, community conversations, digital and multimedia skills, media literacy, among others.

Community Studio

We provide space to the community who share common interest in media ,storytelling and create expression The platform offers creative expression, social change and contributing to a more inclusive participatory media environment