Community Journalism

Rafiki Wema recognizes the need for locally oriented news and media contents that allow communities to become aware of issues, challenges, and opportunities within communities. We recruit and support individuals to gain journalism and multimedia skills and qualifications that enable them to become community journalists, thus diversifying voices, views, and representation of our communities.

Our hyperlocal media coverage prepares local communities to remain informed, to grow stronger and develop authentic, and civic conversations, that facilitate the understanding and active participation of communities, in the wider social and economic dynamics, and changes that impact or alter their lives. Our community journalism discusses topics linked to the community’s everyday life, thereby creating networks and voices that can tie them together.

To encourage community wide media participation and involvement, we introduced a community studio, which we use to train community journalists, produce a variety of media contents both audio and visual to promote media literacy among the minority communities across London by covering topics that mainstream media doesn’t cover.

We partner with FMB radio to give communities a voice, and a media platform that embodies them culturally and geographically. This partnership provides an excellent opportunity to disseminate accurate and representative media contents, factual information, and organise live discussions. We also aim to give young adults from minority communities training and internships to equip them with journalistic skills within their communities.

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Our other projects

Digital Inclusion

We recruit, train, and enable Digital Ambassadors to support communities to gain digital skills. We provide resources such as devices, calling and internet credit, ICT suite and other support.

Community Conversations

We organise and facilitate community conversations to facilitate meaningful engagement, deliberations, decision-making by our communities in exploring and responding to issues affecting them.

Digital Storytelling % Media Literacy

We provide training, resources, and connections for individuals and communities to use technology to tell stories, amplify their voices, and to build the capacity of local communities.

Training & Courses

We provide community focused face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses in community journalism, community conversations, digital and multimedia skills, media literacy, among others.

Community Studio

We provide space to the community who share common interest in media ,storytelling and create expression The platform offers creative expression, social change and contributing to a more inclusive participatory media environment